Press Release Winning the National Skill Florist Final The Herald – June 1999

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    Winning The National Skill Florist Finals  ‘The Herald’ was proud to publish Tracey’s phenomenal achievement, winning the National Skill Florist Final Grand Championships 1999.  After a year of heats 5 leading floristry organisations put forward their own winners (Tracey representing the Society of Floristry, after winning that national competition in previous November).  This competition truly represented […]

Press Release – National SKILLFlorist Final Winner Florist & Wholesaler Buyer May 1999

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  Winner National Skill Florist Final Winner 1999. The National Floristry Magazine  The Florist & Wholesaler Buyer published this article to celebrate Tracey’s win in this National UK Championship.  The main article featured in June issue of the magazine  Truly An Award Winning Florist! As is explained in the press cutting Tracey was due to […]

Press Release – Society of Floristry Skill-Florist. 17th December 1998

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Top Floristry Award for this young, talented ‘Award Winning Florist’ Tracey Griffin won the Society of Floristry ‘National Skill Florist Competition’ At the time Tracey barely knew the significance of the competition, or more to the point winning it!  The Society of Floristry ran the competition at the Spring Florist Event in Birmingham NEC. Finding […]