Press Release Winning the National Skill Florist Final The Herald – June 1999

Herald Press Release June 1999



Winning The National Skill Florist Finals

 ‘The Herald’ was proud to publish Tracey’s phenomenal achievement, winning the National Skill Florist Final Grand Championships 1999.  After a year of heats 5 leading floristry organisations put forward their own winners (Tracey representing the Society of Floristry, after winning that national competition in previous November).  This competition truly represented the young very best of the best Florist in the UK.  Winning this competition after over 15 hours of intense floristry work in competition conditions proves that Tracey Griffin really is a Top UK Florist, an outstanding designer at the cutting edge of floristry

High Standards Shinning through for this Award Winning Florist

For Tracey Flowers are in the blood!  Her mum began her shop at 18 so Tracey really has grown up amongst Flowers.

Article in easy to read format;

Tracey ’s Winning Way With Flowers

Fawley and Holbury Florist Sandra Griffin has some family competition when it comes to floral skillls. Her 22 year old daughter Tracey has won the UK Skill Florist Championships held at the Park Royal International Hotel in Stretton. Tracey represented the Society of Florisry against four other finalists representing all the major floristry organisations.

The joy of winning was, however, spoiled by the fact that Tracey won’t be able to represent the UK in Montreal, as she will be too old. The fact that she knew this could happen even before she took part in the finals, makes her win all the more special as she didn’t let her standards drop one hit.

As part of the winners prize a major floristry wholesaler zwetsloot. has asked Tracey to become a consultant for them, and she is now planning to compete in the Teleflorist Intermediate National Competitions in September.

Meanwhile Tracey has asked the Herald to pass on her thanks to everyone who has helped her, especially her mum, Sandra, who has been very supportive and full of encouragement.

Top Tracey Griffin (right) and proud mum, Sandra, with winner’s trophy and certificate