Press Release – National Skill Florist Final Southern Daily Echo 24th May 1999

WINNER -National Skill Florist Final.

Winner of the UK Final National SKILLFlorist 1999.  Published in the Southern Daily Echo 24th May 1999.
Winner of the UK Final National SKILLFlorist 1999. Published in the Southern Daily Echo 24th May 1999.


Tracey Won the Final proving herself to be the very best under 23 year old Florist in the UK!

After much preparation and previous heats of competition Tracey Griffin was crowned UK Champion in Floristry at the National skill florist finals.

It was always the intention that the winner of this competition go forward to represent the Country in the World Skill Olympics held in Montreal (as the name suggests the Olympics for Skilled industries held once every four years – Now called the WorldSkills)

This was the first time the UK was to be attending the Youth Skill Olympics – unfortunately the UK organisers misunderstood the age limits – the representative had to be under 23 at the Olympics rather than in the year of the World Skill Olympics, as Tracey turned 23 in July she was too old to represent the country! READ MORE about the final competition in the Florist Magazine

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PICK OF THE BUNCH: Tracey Griffin with her prize for skill in Floristry

Florist Tracey is a bloomin’ marvel!

Tracey Griifin is the best of the bunch when it comes to flowers.

Tracey Griffin from Long Lane, Holbury, has been crowned Skillflorist Winner 1999 after winning the National Finals in Cheshire.  Tracey, who works in Southampton, represented the Society of Floristry in the two day competition in which she had to make, among other things, a funeral tribute, a hand-tied bouquet, Wall hanging and Display Niche.  Of her success she said “All corners of the Industry were represented, so I’m obviously delighted to have won, It’s quite an honour.  The competition was spread over 15 hours and 15 minutes it was hard work but a fabulously worthwhile weekend”  Amazingly, at 22 Tracey is four months too old to be Britian’s challenger in The World Championships in Canada in November and the skill Florist runner up will be deputise.  In consolation Tracey Will be seeking consolation in the Teleflorist Intermediate National Floristry Competition in September.