Press Release – Society of Floristry Skill-Florist Dec 1998


Herald Press Release Dec 1998

National Floristry Competition Winner!

Tracey Wins the title of the Society of Floristry’s Skill Florist… But that’s just the beginning

This article was published in December 1998 after Tracey Won the Society of floristry’s National Skill Florist competition at the Spring Florist Event at Birmingham NEC.

Award Winning Florist

Not Tracey First Award, but the first major competition this Young Award Winning Florist won.

Because Tracey won this competition she was the Society of Floristry’s representative in the National Skill Florist Championships Final 1999.

National Skill Florist Championships Final

She’s did fantastically well in this competition winning by a huge margin, but continue reading to find out more about this huge win!

To read about the NATIONAL SKILL FLORIST CHAMPIONSHIPS the competition that this one lead onto CLICK HERE

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Floral Tribute

22 year old Tracey Griffin. daughter of well known local florist Sandra Griffin. has won the Skill Florist UK title in a prestigious competition against florists from all over the country who gathered at the NEC in Birmingham for the championships.

Tracey obviously had a good grounding in floristry. having been born into the well established Sandra’s business in Fawley. Showing an early interest‘ Tracey remembers taping wires when she was just six. and making buttonholes and gift wrapped bouquets from the age of 10 – and she is the first to say that she could not have progressed to such a high standard without the backing and encouragement of her mum.

Tracey’s formal training began at Sparshalt College near Winchester. gaining a First Diploma in Floristry after one year. Her second year at college brought her the ‘Best Practical Student Award’. She also completed the National Certificate in Floristry (City & Guilds 3. 4 and 5).

Still keen to improve her skills and knowledge. Tracey moved to North Wales to take up a place at the Welsh College of Horticulture where she gained the National Diploma in Floristry. Widely recognised as the best college in the country for floristry training. It was here that Tracey received her most intensive training and her flair for unusual designs was encouraged.

Tracey will now represent the Society of Floristry against six finalists from other floristry organisations next April. with the winner going on to represent the UK in Montreal. She will receive a day’s training with a member of the National Diploma Society of Floristry, and has been presented with a designer work-box full of the latest floristry equipment.

Proud mum Sandra always encouraged her daughter to get proper training and qualifications. and having recently opened her second florists shop in Long Lane. Holbury. she understands how important well trained Staff are. “In this industry. you never stop learning”, says Sandra.