Press Release – Society of Floristry Skill-Florist. 17th December 1998

Daily Echo Press Release 17th December 1998

Top Floristry Award for this young, talented ‘Award Winning Florist’

Tracey Griffin won the Society of Floristry ‘National Skill Florist Competition’

At the time Tracey barely knew the significance of the competition, or more to the point winning it!  The Society of Floristry ran the competition at the Spring Florist Event in Birmingham NEC.

Finding the TOP UK  Young Florist

The Society of Floristry run the National Floristry Competition to find their representative for the National Skill Florist Final.  The finals held in April 1999 found the U.K Representative for the Wordskill olympics!  Tracey was (and actually still is) on a winning streak… to spoil the ending of the story; Tracey continued to win the NATIONAL SKILL FLORIST UK FINALS.

Article in easy to read format;

A career is blossoming

SUCCESS has bloomed for Southampton florist Tracey who has just won a national competition.

Tracey, from Flowers in Canute Road, scooped in the Floristry Trade Council’s Skillflorist awards.

Thc- 22-ycar-old florist had to make a hand-tied and wired wedding bouquet, as well as a surprise arrangement.

Part of Tracey’s prize is a day’s training with a National Diploma holder to prepare her for the UK final in April where Tracey will represent The Society of Floristy.