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Over the years Tracey has honed her design work in many ways, but is fully aware that you never stop learning, trends change, techniques develop as boundaries are challenged progress within the flower world  moves forward (as in any other sphere).

This is one of the reason’s Tracey constantly challenges herself and her skills, and ensures she is at the cutting edge leading the way in the Industry.

Tracey Griffin News

News… Keeping you up to date with what’s happening!

This is the place to find the news, what’s happening with competitions, publication, & more.  With Tracey succeeding in so many  National Competition she’s perfectly placed to tell us what’s we want to know,  being found in publications, and being at the top of her field Tracey can share the news.


Tracey Griffin Press

Press… What’s the word on the street!

Tracey has been featured in many papers, magazines, and websites.  Everything from National magazines, to the BBC, down to local magazines, she’s been featured on the all.  This is a little archive of the press cuttings.

Tracey Griffin Profile

Profile… To let you know a little more about Tracey

To let you know a little more about Tracey, click on the profile link.

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