Traveling around the country sharing ideas and inspiration in her Demonstrations is something she love & thrives on!

Tracey Griffin NAFAS National Demonstrator

Tracey was thrilled to pass her National Test in 2006 after passing her area demonstrators test in June 2001 in her own Wessex & Jersey Area.

Demonstrating is the perfect outlet for Tracey’s skills.  She’s perfectly at home on stage, it gives her the opportunity to let her creative side go wild designing diverse and eclectic creations.  New ideas are something that Tracey never has a problem finding; perhaps this is little surprise considering she has worked globally in locations such as Finland, Estonia, Italy and Dubai.  However she finds nature the very best source of inspiration and adores our British countryside.

Her Love of Flowers coupled with her Energy & Passion is often described as Infectious

Tracey’s demonstrations do have something for everyone, whilst staying true to herself, and her style.  Her demonstrations have a range of designs, to suit everyone’s tastes.  She is very mindful of the membership of clubs and the challenges they have, so she ensures that her demonstrations are enjoyed by all members.  Club committees are often pleasantly surprised with how far she can make a flower allowance stretch; she uses a range of suppliers and ordering methods to benefit both the clubs and herself to ensure some luxury and often more unusual flowers can be used, making raffle prize time an optimistic affair with hopeful club members keen to win designs they’re inspired by.

Tracey is also a NAFAS National Teacher and relishes inspiring workshop attendees, and the differences that come with a more intimate imparting of ideas.  Tracey says “It’s such a thrill to see individuals grow and develop their skills embracing new technique.  I always learn from those that come along to the workshops, and that’s one of the really wonderful thing about workshops, how everyone learns from everyone else.”

Keen to Share her Knowledge and Design Ideas Tracey’s Demonstrations are a mix of Entertainment and Inspiration, audiences are delighted with a fresh approach that is both engaging and thought provoking.

Tracey literally grew up amongst flowers, her Mum’s successful floristry business has been established over 45 years, way before Tracey was born, growing up in such an environment led to Tracey being bit by the flower bug at a very young age!  She soon knew where her future lie…. in all things floral!

Tracey runs her own business specialising in Wedding, Event and Corporate flowers, and tutors first class workshops, not to mention her Demos!  She is a busy girl, but wouldn’t change it for the world.   She feels privileged to work in the flower world that she loves, bringing happiness to others.


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