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Tracey NAFAS National Demonstrator & Teacher.

Traveling around the country sharing ideas and inspiration in her Demonstrations is something she love & thrives on!

Tracey is a highly regarded and much loved NAFAS national demonstrator who’s perfectly at home on stage.  Demonstrating is the perfect outlet for her skills, the opportunity to let her creative side go wild designing and executing diverse and eclectic creations.  

Tracey has an endless stream of design ideas to share, perhaps this is unsurprising considering she has worked globally in locations including as Finland, Estonia, Italy, Croatia and Dubai.  However she finds nature the very best source of inspiration and adores our British countryside.

Her Love of Flowers coupled with her Energy & Passion is often described as Infectious!

Tracey’s demonstrations showcase new adaptable ideas that delight the audiences. She openly shares the secrets of these new concepts! 

Tracey Griffin with a award winning floral design

Whilst pushing the boundaries her demonstrations always have a range of designs, something to suit everyone’s tastes, whilst staying true to herself and her style.  

Appreciating the workings of flower clubs, their membership and the challenges they face, Tracey ensures that her demonstrations are enjoyed by all.  The highest quality flowers which inclue some luxury and often more unusual plant materials are used from a supply direct from Holland.

Club members often need the opportunity to buy additional raffle tickets as they are hopeful to win a prize and optimistic to take home a designs they’re so inspired by. Committee members often remark on the quality, range and cost efficency of flowers, as well as the sensational design, amazing colour schemes, overall presentation, music and the passion that shines through. 

Foxgloves image for Tracey Griffin National Demonstrators Webpage

Tracey’s demonstrations are a mix of entertainment and inspiration and she is keen to Share her knowledge and design ideas.

Audiences are delighted with a fresh approach that is both engaging and thought provoking.

Tracey was thrilled to pass her National Test in 2006 after passing her area demonstrators test in June 2001 in her own Wessex & Jersey Area.

She travels Nationally and Internationally both demonstrating and teaching as Tracey is also a NAFAS National Teacher and has a string of qualifications including teaching.

Below you’ll discover ways to learn more about this multi-award winning, published designer.  But before moving on from the page enjoy the warm thanks and praise below and some FAQs.

Simply get in touch or download an information sheet to share with others by usinge use the links here;


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As far as needed! I frequently travel around England including the islands and travel to Ireland and Scotland. But have worked and traveled abroad and would be happy to demonstrate further afield.

Just so long as i’m not already booked I can demonstrate for afternoon, evening or morning meetings (yes, there are a few). I can also demonstrate for events that run throughout the day. I am equally as flexible on the days I can demonstrate Monday to Sunday.

Yes and I often do! Whether it’s an evening demonstration followed by a workshop the next day, vice-versa, or a different format. Just get in touch.

Absolutely! Whether you have a couple of National Demonstrators in your club programme each year, or perhaps it’s a one off special event. Either way I’d be delighted to demonstrate for you.

I’m happy to take booking as far in advance as you would like, even up to 5 years.

Perhaps! I’m self employed so if my time isn’t committed to another booking or meeting, I may well be able to demonstrate without too much notice. There’s certainly no harm in getting in touch – if I can help – I will.

I always send a sheet to give you some details about me, often these are helpful for promotional material. I’m happy for you to use information from this website and have high resolution images that I can provide you with for printed items if it’s helpful. If there is anything else I could help with just let me know.

Contact me however you prefer. I’m happy to chat over the phone if you find that easier than using my contact form or emailing me, which ever method you prefer. Here’s my contact details.