International Floral Art Book 2014/15

International Floral Art Book 2014/15 – Featuring Tracey Griffin


Celebrating International Floral Art book designer

Tracey Griffin is one of the Designer Featured in this International Best seller

The International Floral Art book is unique, it present spectacular works of both the world’s most renowned master florists and works of the very best International fresh young talent wanting to break the mould and an artistic stand.

Special Jubilee Edition of International Floral Art

The competition to have designs published within this edition was hotter that ever before, as it is now celebrating 10 years of publication with an extra special jubilee edition.

International Floral Art 2014/15 Jubilee Edition

Tracey is thrilled to have her work included again.  Having been feature in the last two issues 2010/11 & most recently 2012/13.  “I’m so delighted my work has made the grade and been selected again, it;s a privilege to show-case British Floristry to the wider flower world” she said.

 This is a must-have for anyone interested in floral art

This book is hotly awaited and an absolute favourite within the International Floral Scene.  Many recognised and respected floral art designers have been discovered through the International Floral Art series,  Packed with fresh and inventive new designs, this is a must-have for anyone interested in floral art, from those who want to create, to those who just want to stand back and admire the incredible talents of others.

The book’s release date is 26th February 2014, and will be 304 pages of striking, beautiful, cutting edge, and sometime quite bizzare Floral art.

An Essential resource to the latest trends

the International Floral Art series has become an essential resource, reflecting the diverse and evolving floral art scene. It is an up-to-date reference to the latest trends, a tool for networking and a guide to what’s current in international floral world. It tracks promising young designers at the forefront of their field, focusing on new, exciting and innovative work.

As soon as the book is published more details of Tracey’s work will be detailed… watch this space!




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