International Floral Art 2012/13 – Featuring TRACEY GRIFFIN

International floral Art 2012-13 The Must Have Book…

This sensational book is at the cutting edge of floral design, pushing the boundaries & Featuring the very best designers from around the world.  To have your work featured in the ‘International Floral Art 2012 – 13’ is a huge accolade indeed…

Tracey Griffin yet again has shown that she is top of her game with not just one, but two designs being featured in this stunning book.


What the publishers say about ‘International Floral Art 2012/13’

The aim of the bi-annual ‘International Floral Art’ has always been to create a platform for the exchange of ideas and to provide a testing room for creativity and innovation, across geographical and cultural boundaries.

For well-established floral designers the book is an opportunity to demonstrate how years of hard work honed their crafts to perfection, for budding florists the book is a chance to showcase their talent, inventiveness and fresh ideas.


One of the two designs created by Tracey Griffin Published in Global Best Seller 'International Floral Art 2012/13'
Tracey Griffin’s Design featured in the ‘International Floral Art 2012/13’ created from a humble fir-cone!





The International Floral Art books, displaying the variety and rich potential in contemporary floristry, have become true collectors items among professional florists and passionate hobbyists alike.

In every new edition the ‘International Floral Art’ honours three personalities that use the skills and techniques of the trade to surpass the ‘simple’ flower arrangement to produce a form of art. Their work rises to a level of perfection that can be recognized by many but achieved by few.

Leafing through the pages of this book is like embarking on a fantastic journey through colours, shapes and patterns. Discover and enjoy!


What sellers of ‘International Floral Art’ have to say…

Amazing what wheat can be turned into when Tracey Griffin creates



These are super books showcasing some of the best floral art designs from around the globe.

The book is a culmination of ideas and inspiration, showing designs ‘outside of the box’, the love of nature and the imagination of both of these talented designers.

One of the main objectives for the book was to broaden people’s concepts of floral design not just for those in the floriculture industry but to encourage others to see how botanical material can be used with a little imagination in everyday life. From the creation of a romantic floral dinner in the woods, to the opulence of a fragrant floral bedspread and through to the idea of the male model, where the character of the person and the flower meld into one another to create living art as it’s never been seen before!

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